Showcasing Jamie Christene Petersen

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Art is Magic. Magic is Art.

The Artist


Jamie maintains a studio art practice and works as an early childhood school art teacher. Jamie is also an assistant curator at METHOD Gallery. She is working to complete a Masters Degree in Family and Couples Art Therapy. For Tarot readings or to schedule a studio tour feel free to contact the artist directly. 

The Medium


 Magic is art. Art is magic. At the core of a vital, conscious and livable world are individuals and communities that actualize their intuitive self- knowledge and access their creative forces. As an artist I work to embody the mystical realm into a tangible visual artifact that is both active and decorative.

The Inspiration


  My work is largely inspired by alchemy and the mystical forces that engage and entwine our visual world to our inner landscape.My artwork is a language with which I communicate intuitive experiences with traditional and folk symbols of nature, grace, beauty and mortality.

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